Parking Pass Holder

The Parking Pass Holder is a 3D printed frame that can hang from the rearview mirror of any vehicle, and hold a parking pass for display. This device is printed from PETG in order to withstand the temperatures that cabin of a vehicle may reach on a hot summer day. The Parking Pass Holder is ideal for users who use a parking pass where the hook is either broken, does not fit, is too flimsy, or is nonexistent.

The current design is in Fusion 360 and can be custom fit to different sized passes or rearview mirrors through the parameters function. It can be printed as a single part with supports, but the supports are difficult to clean up. The file is cut in two so the STLs can be saved separately and glued together once printed.

Parking Pass Holder.f3d (272.4 KB)

Looking for some feedback on the current design, which is for BC disability parking passes with dimensions 154mm x 89mm x 1mm.

Single STL

Split STLs

Note: To fit the print bed, the above STLs must be rotated 90 degrees to lay lengthwise across the print bed.

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