Parametric Finger Pen Holder (Vertical)


Stage Prototype
Project Need Agility / Dexterity
Created By Stewart Russell
Capabilities Needed 3D Printing
Time to Complete 40 min
Cost to Build $0.10
Creative Commons License attribution-noncommercial-sharealike-4-0-international

Remix of Finger Pen Holder (Vertical) – – in OpenSCAD so it’s more easily customized. The two parameters are the circumference of the finger you want to fit and the circumference of the pen/pencil/paintbrush/utensil you want to use. A fairly easy way to measure either is to (gently) wrap tape-style dental floss around the digit or pen, then mark the overlap with a permanent marker. Remove the dental tape and measure the distance between the marks in millimetres with a ruler: that’s the circumference!

Materials and printing details are as per the original.