PAMS LipSync Desk Mount

PAMS LipSync Desk Mount

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The LipSync Desk Mount provides a low cost, adjustable configuration to mount the LipSync to a flat surface like a table or desk. The Lipsync can be attached directly to the PVC or through a couple of different options to provide more adjustability. The mount attaches to the surface using two c-clamps, which can be purchased in different sizes to accommodate different desk and table thicknesses. The LipSync Desk Mount is part of the PVC Assistive Mounting System (PAMS).

The PVC Assistive Mounting System is a collection of readily available commercial-off-the-shelf components and 3D printed components that can be assembled into various configurations to provide mounting solutions for assistive technology.

All of the files and the documentation can be found using the GitHub links below.

If you are new to working with PVC, there are some good resources to help with how to cut, attach, and finish PVC quickly and safely.




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Project Page

Project Page

This is a mounting solution being explored for mounting the LipSync and other assistive technologies that is based on inexpensive and readily available PVC piping and fittings.

PVC Piping Advantages

  • readily available at hardware stores and online
  • cheap
  • available in a variety of sizes
  • easily painted or covered in tape for aesthetics
  • some vendors offer various colors or colored shrink tubing (e.g.
  • does not require expensive tools to work with
  • easy to cut/drill

PVC Piping Disadvantages

  • limited stiffness
  • standard PVC glue is toxic / smelly
  • piping typically sold in 10 foot sections that are inconvenient to transport

Mounting a LipSync to a desk:

Description QTY Cost Total Cost
1/2" Union 1 3.74 3.74
1/2" Male Adapter (1/2" NPT x Soc) 1 0.52 0.52
1/2" Tee (Soc x Soc x Soc) 3 0.66 1.98
1/2" Elbow (Soc x Soc) 6 1.17 7.02
C-Clamp 2 5.55 11.1
1/2" SCH 40 PVC (1 foot) 0.1 9.48 0.95
Total 25.31

For under $30 worth of supplies, a simple adjustable desk mount can be created for the LipSync. The fittings are not glues, just firmly pressed together to keep some adjustability. The LipSync is attached by removing the threaded insert and threaded adapter and threading the 1/2" male adapter directly into the shell. The Union provides some rotational adjustment plus a way to quickly remove the LipSync from the mount.

Using PVC for mounting was inspired by Therese Willkomm and her book Assistive Technology Solutions in Minutes - Book II.

Next Steps

Feel free to post images of your own configurations/designs. Are there components or adapters that don’t exist or are hard to find? We think there is a lot of potential for 3D printed solutions to fill the gap, such as a quick-release clamp with a tripod mount.

@alice, did you want to add the photos of you Pixie design here?

Thanks for your post, Jake!

Often just a little bit of adjustment is needed to get the LipSync into a good position for use. Here we use three sections of an adjustable piping called Loc-Line, a type of modular hose used for a variety of lliquids. Because it is intended to be used with more common PVC water pipe/hose, it will connect directly to the LipSync – similar to Jake’s design!


Pixie is a 505access open-source design for a 1/2 inch modular hose mount for the hands-free pointing device, LipSync. [Here] we use two NPT Connector for 1/2 inch Loc-Line Modular Hose (black), one 1/2 inch double socket (orange), 1/2 inch threaded socket to 1/2 inch slip socket (white) and a 1/2 inch PVC pipe (white with writing)*.

Pixie designs include:

NOTE THAT the Original Pixie and Pixie’s-Half-sister use portions of dual-suction cup lifters. These are recommended only for smooth (glass-like) surfaces. For other surfaces, C-clamps in Jake’s design or steel spring-clamps in Clip-on-Pixie are recommended.

The Original Pixie uses twelve 1/2 inch modular hose segments. We found this to be aesthetically pleasing however TOO EXPENSIVE and TOO FLEXIBLE for actual use! Thus changes were made to make the design more stable – which turns out to be less expensive!

  • We found that the three modular sections listed (two NPT Connector for 1/2 inch Loc-Line Modular Hose and one 1/2 inch double socket) provide enough adjustments for most purposes. (2x$1.79 + $2.19 = $5.77)
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We have not tested the long-term stability of the Loc-Line hoses – slippage. However, should the units slip, wrap rubber or silicone self-adhesive tape (found in electrical section of home improvement stores) around the loose units to stiffen in place. These types of tape does not have adhesives on it but instead, when stretched, will (only) stick to itself. We find this preferable over vinyl adhesive tapes. Also, once cured, self-adhesive tapes can only be removed by cutting it (with a box cutter).

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