Open Source Medical Supplies Impact Report

Open Source Medical Supplies (the US Mothership) has compiled an impact report on the maker engagement against COVID-19. The data of this report is US centric, but it is cool to see what happened and how, and what can be applied to the future. β€œ[In the US] more than 42,000 people worked together to produce over 48 million units of supplies (worth over $271M) in just a few short months, while essentially creating an entire open source medical supply design ecosystem from scratch.”

The webinar goes Thursday, January 28th, 10:00 AM PST - immediately before releasing the 100+ page report. Register here:


If you missed the Open Source Medical Supplies and Nation of Makers webinar on the maker response to COVID, go here: - you can grab links to a recording of the session, the slides, a 2 page summary, or the full report. A huge effort! #makers #covidresponse


Thanks for posting Trevor, it’s really great to see the level of impact Makers are having on the world.