Number Aligner

Created By: Loreto Dumitrescu (@loretodalt)
Project Need: Agility / Dexterity
Project Link:
Capabilities Needed: 3D Printing
License: public-domain-mark-1-0

The number aligner is a low-tech support for students with dysgraphia or fine motor issues that struggle with writing numbers in a small area and following place value alignment for basic computation (addition, subtraction, long division, and multiplication).

The aligner has a guide ruler that fits into the slot on the side and hooks onto the top of the notebook or workbook to ensure correct tracking of place values for multistep computations. It may also be rotated 180 degrees for use on either the right or the left side of the page along with a marking at the top to indicate place values for the column. A horizontal guideline is provided between each row for the “equal to” line as well as a shorter vertical line on the second to generate long division problems.

MMC E.ID: 6898