New York, NY Chapter

Hi there!

The New York Metro area chapter is getting started. Myself and Farrukh Zia are the current chapter volunteers and happy to connect with anyone interested in getting involved.

Looking forward…

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Hello from New York City College of Technology and welcome to NYC Chapter forum :smile:

Hello everyone! My name is Joan Beatrice Ladaban. I am a student at City tech and currently working on musical toy touch.


Hello! I am Anny Baez Silfa, an upper sophomore student in the Computer Engineering of Technology Department at City Tech. I am currently working on a Robotic Arm.


Welcome Joan and Anny! Looking forward to collaborating!

Hello! I am BingFang Chen, a Junior student in the Computer Engineering Technology Department at City Tech. I am currently working on mind-controller project. I am interested in using my project to help people with disability.


Hi there!

The NYC Chapter of MMC will start holding monthly regular meetings to discuss and plan local happenings. We will meet:

Every 1st Wednesday of the month from 3- 4 pm

November 4th (yikes day after the elections) will be our next general meeting.

Here is the registration link (note, you will only need to register for the first meeting):

Register in advance for this meeting:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Hope to see you there!
@emaker, @Professor.Zia and @loretodalt @bingfangchen @NicoleNavarro @angelika @Joanbeatrice @stephengduke


@loretodalt @Professor.Zia and @emaker are our chapter leaders in NYC area.
Thought you’d like to introduce yourself and give a bit of background/context in case anyone from your area comes to the forum and is looking for a local connection!

If anyone in the NYC Chapter area wants to introduce themselves feel free to “reply to this thread” and say hi!

  • Who are you and where are you based out of?

  • What do you do, and what are your passions and areas of interest in assistive tech (and otherwise?)

  • What are you hoping to get out of the experience of being an MMC Leader or member?

  • What are you interested to know about other Chapter Leaders and members?

If you want to start your own thread that is relevant to the New York area, start a new thread by clicking on Purple square that says “US Chapters” and then click “New Topic” on the right hand side. Add New York in the title and tags as well as some words that indicate the post topic.

If you want to talk about devices or other topics, they might fit better under an existing category in the forum so check out your options! We can help by stepping in to move threads is necessary.

Here is a video that can you you understand how to use the forum!
If you are reading this and you aren’t signed up for the forum/website yet, these videos will also be helpful to get you started!

Go to and login. Then, click on the forum tab and log in. Here is a video that walks you through the process.Tag @MMC_Zee if you need help!

:confetti_ball: Happy New Years!!! Good riddance to 2020!

The NYC Chapter will be running our monthly meeting this Wednesday (1/6) from 3-4 EST. Come join us if you’re around and have time.

Register in advance for this meeting:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting. If you’ve already registered for past meetings, no need to do it again. The link that was sent then is the same.

Hope to see you soon!
Emily, Farrukh, and Loreto

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Hi everyone, I’m Nicole Navarro currently a senior taking computer engineering at citytech. Looking forward on working some project in the near future here.


Welcome Nicole!!

Hello everyone,

I’m Angelika, senior student at City Tech (CET major). Currently starting my journey with Arduino and soon are going to be working on the project to help people with disability. Looking forward to ‘meet’ everyone :slight_smile:

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Welcome @angelika


The NY Metro chapter of MMC will be hosting a virtual build for the light touch and raindrop switches on Friday 7/2/2021 at 5 pm EST. These are beginner-friendly builds if you would like to give it a go. The chapter will cover materials cost and we ask that you cover the shipping fee only. To register and learn more:

Also, please feel free to share this out with any students or other community members who might be interested. Hope to see you then!

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Greetings fellow NY Metro-ers…

We are happy to announce a few local in-person events that will be taking place within the next few weeks. Please come out and visit to learn more and get involved. All events are free of charge. We will be at…

The NY Abilities Expo (October 1st- 3rd) at the NJ Convention and Expo Center in Edison, NJ. This will be a collab with the NJ chapter who will be manning the table on Friday. To learn more and register:


Futureworks Makerspace general information session for any interested maker levels, AT users, and disability professionals. We will be running two sessions:

  • Thursday 10/7 at 6 pm

  • Saturday 10/9 at 11 am.

You do not need to be a Makerspace member to attend. They are located in Brooklyn at the Brooklyn Army Terminal, 140 58th St Building B Unit 1C, Brooklyn, NY 11220.

Hope to see you then!