Need assistance pluggin a USB

Looking for something similar to a Key turner that would help someone plugged in a USB into a laptop. It can be the small USB for a wireless mouse or a USB with at wire for a set of headphones.

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Welcome @louisep! Do you think this is something that can “stay” attached to the USB? Wondering if something that fits the usb with some velcro. I use velcro so i dont loose those dongles.

Hi Chad!

I was thinking of something that is not attached because she will use it for her wireless mouse, her headset and regular USB stick.

Would it be OK to have three - one attached to her wireless mouse dongle, one attached to her headset cord, and one attached to her USB stick? The three different items would probably require 3 different designs anyway.

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Yes, that would work! :blush:


It would be helpful if you could take three pictures. One of the dongle, one of the plug end of the headset, and one of the USB stick. Put a ruler (preferably metric) in the picture close to each item.




Given that separate aids sounds like an option, a heat moldable plastic like Instamorph might be an option to consider as well. This could be used as a solution itself, an interface material to customize the fit of a 3d printed part, or a way to prototype the shape and size of an aid to convert to a 3d printed version.

Here is an example for accomplishing a very similar task:
(The author forms Instamorph around a USB cable to provide a tactile aid to getting the correct orientation).


I’m not sure how much dexterity she has, would these cable protectors help? They may give a bigger surface area to grab onto.

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@MMC_Jake , I like that it shows which ways it’s going. @KenHackbarth I will try to have her take pictures of the 3 USB she’s using. Thank you guys!

@louisep I put together a quick design to show what I was thinking. It can be resized to fit a smaller USB end. I based the size on a bunch of USB cables and peripherals I had around.

A USB insertion and removal tool that helps with getting a better grip on the end of the cable.

You can slip the end of the USB cable into the space between the top and bottom. Gently squeeze to get a grip on the USB end and push it into the USB slot. It can also be used to remove the USB plug from the slot.

It fits multiple size ends and it’s easy to squeeze to get a hold of the end.

Video on how to use the USB Assist. Link to YouTube
Design link Link to Thingiverse

Do you think something link this would work for her?


Hi @imtiaz
The client says that it would work good to get a better hold of the USB plugs, but it won’t help when it comes to plugging the plugs into the laptop. I think something like @MMC_Jake showed earlier would work best.

Hi @imtiaz ,
I spoke with my client today, and she would like to try your design. It’s the first time I do this, so I’m not sure how to go with this. How much does it cost? How can we have it shipped to my client?
Thanks for your help!

Hi @louisep, I’d be happy to ship it out to your client. I will direct message you to get your client’s address details.


That’s good news, send me an email to and I will give you her address.

Thanks! :blush:






@louisep did you ever consider a magnetic usb? like: