Nail Polish Applicator

This idea came from a published author and user of MMC devices, Brenda. She has created a list of potential ideas for devices. This post describes one of the device ideas:

Project Idea:
The goal of this device is to aid in applying nail polish to the user’s fingernails. This device would be intended to be used by individuals who struggle with shakiness, limited hand mobility, limited pinch grip strength. Being able to take off the cap, apply the nail polish, and place the cap back on would be important features of the device.

Possibly a modified palm pen holder would be a good solution for this.

There is a commercial device called a Poppy that claims it makes it easier to put on nail polish. But this device also includes a pinch grip that may be difficult for some. But this idea could be used and modified. See the Poppy in Figure 2.

Support needed:
We are looking for a designer/maker to develop this device. Brenda is open for contact for any feedback or details but currently is not on the forum, so feel free to reach out in the comments to be put in contact.

Figure 1:

Figure 2: