Manfrotto Style Camera Mount

Author: @Zeek

Submitted b user @kelly
Description of Idea:
I’m an occupational therapist looking for equipment for a family member who has aged out of the education system and is in need of AT. She currently has 2 switches adapted from the buzzer buttons on Amazon as well as mounts I made using a gooseneck and clamp. I would love for her to have a Manfrotto style camera mount to use with her current switches if that’s at all possible

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submitted via the ny collab switch expression of interest form
@loretodalt @Professor.Zia are there any students who come to mind who might be interested? This is another request from nyc proper. Might want to touch base with Adam and Tamara to ensure there’s no overlap in devices built.

@bingfangchen? @angelika @NicoleNavarro? @Joanbeatrice @annybaezsilfa can you help?

@ZKv I believe Manfrotto refers to the Magic Arm made by the company.