Makey Makey Videos and Resources

Pasted from the Make Therapeutic Exercise Fun Makey Makey Intro Session:

"Is it conductive?" Video

Tom’ Heck(of Makey Makey)'s TEDx Talk video

*** Specific Details on the project outline:***

Makers Making Change’s educational resources

Go Baby Go is an AMAZING program developed at the Univ of Delaware (from Tom)

Here is another great HS project where the kids designed Makey Makey projects for other students on campus:

Resources for assistive tech that has a lot of resources for this!

The New Assistive Tech - Making Learning awesome for all!!

In case you’re interested in the Adaptive Controller

Tom’s pressure switch!

More cool ideas for another OT!

Here is a blow switch:

Using Makey Makey to Protoype an Arcade Style Gaming Controller
From makers Making Change’s Access Makeathon

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