Machine Learning AT

I’ve been curious about using Machine Learning to have the AT learn to adapt to the user instead of the user adapting to the AT… I’m not sure if this is the right place from this post but thought it might be interesting to start a wiki or repo of products in works, tools, and articles.

This is what I’ve found so far but curious to see what else is out there:

Article about Tensor Flow powered prosthesis for precise drumming:

Designing an Assistive Mouse for Human Computer Interaction Using Hand Gestures (UC Berkley paper):

Lobe- Microsoft’s training model program:

Teachable Machine: A web-based platform for creating an ML model and exporting it using images, sound, and poses.

Found another one… - It’s a javascript library that uses a model to detect hand, face, and body positions.


Hmmm and found this finger motion activated tensor flow project on Google Experiments:

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