Lori (OT Assistant) Makey Makey Project Submission

Below is Lori’s (@lorilambert) Project submission for the Makey Makey Contest. This thread will be used to develop this project during the Makey Makey course Dec 3- Jan 26 2021.
Please feel free to reply to this thread to post progress, to ask questions, or to add input, ideas or suggestions!

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Great interactive activity. Can’t wait to see how you connected the light to the playdough or what you did to get the light to work when she touched the playdough. I usually have the makey makey control computer based activities. So I am curious.

Also, could you make the base stable? Or is the plan to have her visual track where it moves to next?

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Thanks for the comment Ynez. The lights that I used in the video were just battery operated and on all the time so that she could visually track it. However, as long as the play dough is on a high contrast background, having the light go on when she makes contact could be an added benefit! How to do that would be a good question to ask!

I have never used a makey makey before, but we were planning on using it with computer based activities or cause and effect toys.

As far as making the base stable, I was going for that. Annabelle is pretty strong and moved it. I’m wondering if modeling clay would be better since it’s a little more firm?

Thanks for getting my creative juices flowing!

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“As far as making the base stable, …” what about a black non-slip material. Dycem comes in dark colors and I think shelf liner does as well. Might not stop movement but could slow it down. Or a recessed based to have it fit into. Just some thoughts. Go OTs!


Yes! Dycem might work better than shelf liner since it’s smooth and the play dough won’t get into the little holes as easily. :grinning:

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