List of Battery Interrupter Compatible Toys

The following is an editable list of toys that can be easily adapted for use with a switch by using a battery interrupter.


A battery interrupter is a simple device that can be inserted between batteries or between a battery and battery terminal and interrupts the circuit. The battery interrupter has a jack for an assistive switch. When the assistive switch is attached and activated, the circuit is complete and the toy can be activated.

In general, battery interrupters work well for toys that are:

  1. Powered by standard batteries (e.g. AAA, AA, C, D) that are accessible through a cover AND
  2. have a single function AND
  3. have a slide power switch or a momentary switch that can be held down.

Battery Interrupters

Battery interrupters can be made from simple materials or purchased commercially. There is currently one open source / DIY option in the MMC library:

List of Compatible Toys

Battery-powered fan
Battery-powered bubble machine
Battery-powered art spinner
Battery-powered starry sky galaxy
Battery-powered Nerf blaster (use velcro wrap around trigger)