Light Proximity Switch

Light Proximity Switch

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This is a relatively low cost accessibility switch activated by waving over or very lightly pressing the activation area. The output from the switch is a standard 3.5 mm cable.


The switch is well-suited for use by small movements of a finger or larger gross movements of a hand or limb. This switch can be plugged into any standard 3.5 mm AT interface. It can also be used with the Xbox Adaptive Controller. Multiple switches can be used to get input from more than one finger. The switch can be mounted using adhesive on the rear surface of the contact pad. The switch has a removable base so it can more easily be positioned to access small movements.

Build Instructions

Refer to the GitHub link below for the following:
  • Assembly Instructions
  • Bill of Materials
  • Tools
  • PCB Files
  • 3D Printing Files



Project Need

  • Mobility

  • Agility / Dexterity

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Capabilities Needed

3D Printing, Electronics, Soldering

Time to Complete

3D Print: 3hr Assembly: 1.5 hr

Cost to Build

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Light Proximity Switch GitHub Repository

Project Page

Project Page

Hi, not sure where to direct this. Just finished assembling one and there is a typo in the assembly instructions. The 330 capacitors are referred to as 33 microfarad should be 33 picofarad. They are labeled correctly in the kit, just not the documentation.


This is the perfect spot, @marchache1717. Thanks for catching that.

Edit: We’ve updated the assembly guide.