Knife holder for cutting food

Hey this is Noam from the New Orleans Chapter. I had a request from the community for a easy to use knife holder for cutting food. We looked at the library but did not see anything suitable for this application. After speaking with the user we decided that a simple ‘back and forth’ motion of a saw handle might work best. Attached is a diagram showing the handle and the knife, the obvious difficulty being a sturdy attachment. I do have a few ideas on this, and am working on a prototype, but I wanted to see if anyone had tackled this design/geometry before.


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I know @imtiaz is working on a solution for eating that interfaces with the hand in a different direction, which may get you part of the way. Also, @MMC_Pran didn’t you do a chef knife attachment before?

Thought is if you can share your designs might give inspiration/ save @noamplatt some work.

Hi @noamplatt

May be this will give you an idea, something I’ve been working on.
This post will show you a picture of a cuff holder with a utensil bent at 90 degrees.
The next post by @KenHackbarth is a great adaptation to mount the utensil sticking out of the palm.

But I think you want more of a sawing motion, I think trying the Personalized Cuff Utensil Holder, with the utensil holder mounted at 90 degrees would work. Something like this.

Hey @MMC_Chad ,@imtiaz, and @KenHackbarth Thanks for the responses- is there any way I could get the Fusion file mentioned in this post ?

I would like to print the above Personalized Cuff Holder and see if that is a workable solution. I know overall hand strength is an issue with this client, and I am curious to see what she thinks of the device.

perhaps adapting the utensil holder dovetail geometry and adding a solid vertical handle (instead of the loop handle shown above) with the dovetail receiver would be a really elegant solution. Wedges then could be used to secure the knife.

Tagging a local maker @James_Cat to get this on his radar. -



You can find the Personalized Cuff Holder here:

  1. Info on MMC
  2. Thingiverse - You’ll find the open SCAD files here
  3. Ken’s instructions on how to customize it on his website here

Hope this is a good start.

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Hi all,

My Personal Fusion 360 license expired yesterday - very frustrating! I contacted Autodesk and am currently waiting for them to renew my license…

@noamplatt, are you looking for the Fusion 360 file for the 90 degree angle or more? The cuff itself was implemented in OpenSCAD.


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Thanks for the resources, the customization guide is very comprehensive.

@KenHackbarth - that is exactly right, I am looking for the fusion file for the ‘90 degree angle’ holder, I plan to remove the loop and replace it with a straight handle

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Happy to print and deliver once you knock this one out Noam. Thanks everyone!

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