Keyguard for Wireless Keyboard

@purplerox4 is looking for a keyguard for wireless keyboard for a client. @purplerox4 Can you provide the details of the keyboard you would like the keyguard for?


I am looking for a keyguard for the following keyboard : Keys-U-See Keyboard
(linked here: )

I found a similar keyguard for it, but they keyguard being sold is almost 4 times the keyboard price!
Their design is here:

I am hoping a Maker can print it for me!


Hi Chelsea,

The keyguard is probably too large to reasonably 3D-print but it’s not too large to laser-cut. It’s possible to use my keyguard designer to create a design file that can be laser-cut for about $30 US. Are you in the US or CA? I assume CA. What city? Creating the keyguard design would be easiest if we could find someone who lives close enough to you to borrow your keyboard for a few days.


Any updated on this project? I’m a visually impaired with moderate design skills but limited fabrication skills. However I’ve access to a maker space. Transparent flexible keyguards with high contrast keycaps suited for my impairment would be a huge improvement to my life. I’d really like to hear ideas on how to make these and what would be required. A stretch goal would be to fabricate a keyguard for a curved ergonomic keyboard.

Hi @nudlman, I’d like to understand better so please forgive me for asking. I find a lot of these things at very affordable prices on the internet. Apart from the joy of making, what would be the objective advantage over finding a commercial solution?

Hi @thorsenrune1 look forward to talking more here in a couple of days. Curious – are you able / aware of keyguards that are affordable for keyboards? Especially for ergo / wave keyboards? Would love to see them.

In Canada, Keyguards can easily exceed $100 and often from US so may have additional shipping costs, delays, etc.

Actually I have no idea of Keyguards, just saw that the mentioned link was 47$. Private shipping easily will be more. (A quick search on the big online traders results in braile, stickers and what have you at any price level)

  1. I wonder if time x cost of commercial matches design time x machinecost x shipping of making?
  2. I was curious to see if @nudlman and @purplerox4 actually found what they looked for?
  3. As in my native language you strive for ‘blind writing’ (blindskrift) where you normally would not ever look at your keyboard as a professional typewriter, I wondered what importance it has for a person with visual impairment to ‘see’ the keyboard?