Interact Switch


Stage: Prototype
Disability Type: Visual, Mobility / Physical, Cognitive / Learning
Difficulty: Intermediate
Capabilities Needed: Soldering, 3D Printing
Time to Complete: 1-4hr
Material Cost: $11 - $25
Usage: Environmental Controls (EC), Computer Access, Communications Aids (AAC), Cognition and Learning Disabilities, Recreation and Leisure
License: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International

The Interact Switch is a high quality, modular 3D printable switch design.
The tactile feel of the switch is on par with commercial switches, coming in at about 35 g of activation force across the surface of the switch. The base has the same footprint as a Jellybean switch, and should work with any Jellybean switch mounts.

There is a wide array of different designs: from a simple flat button, to textured designs, to a dome, and even some wobble switch variants.

The switch base incorporates 6 slots that are ideal for a variety of mounting options, including using VELCRO straps

MMC Website Project Listing:

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Maker Feeback from @leungkam on a recent build: