GoTalk Device Adaptation

This idea came from @mandersonpsychology in Calgary, Alberta.

Project Idea:
This project is oriented towards the GoTalk device being used in sessions with disability professionals. Many children get fixated on the top three right buttons and do not explore the options intended for communication. The goal of this device would be to cover the top row of buttons but still allow the adult in the session to press them. The GoTalk and dimensions can be seen in Figure 1 below.

A possible option would be to create a device somewhat similar to the keyguards on the website but rather to cover the top three right buttons on a GoTalk device.

Support needed:
We are looking for a designer/maker to develop this device. @mandersonpsychology is open for contact for any feedback or further details.

Figure 1:

Here is a design, I’d use super glue to hold it in place
Gotalk9+shield.stl (897.4 KB)
a pen tip will allow access to the buttons underneath the shield



That’s a great design @jkauppil Thanks so much for sharing it! What do you think of this @mandersonpsychology ?

my first venture with Makers Making Change…
It was fun. I hope to contribute more

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Thank you so much James! This is fantastic! On behalf of the team and family, we are so thankful for this support and design!

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You are welcome

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Nice work, @jkauppil. Looks like this one can probably be added to the library so others can request it as well. (Log-in, then

@mandersonpsychology If a non-permanent attachment is required, a two-sided adhesive like UGlu could work well (e.g.

I did my best


Thanks @jkauppil. Looks great - it’s now published here:
Corresponding Forum post:
Go Talk Button Guard

I expanded on the description a bit, let me know if there is anything that should be corrected / added. We can update and amend as necessary with feedback from @mandersonpsychology.

There are a couple of things that would be a nice addition:

  1. a photo of the device without the guard
  2. a photo of the device in use (e.g. using a pen to activate button, one with a user’s hand in the photo)
  3. any original CAD files to make it easier to update / adjust the design.
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How do I edit a published post?

Forum posts can be edited using the pencil icon at the bottom. Device listings on the site aren’t currently editable by users - you can send any documents / changes via email to projects at

I made changes to the STL making the cover thinner, included are additional pics

(Attachment GoTalk is missing)

Thanks - updated the library listing.

I have a STEP file for the mount available

Hi @jkauppil, My team at the Glenrose hospital in Edmonton is super interested in this cover and we’re wondering if there is a possibility to adapt it to cover the lights as well. We have a kiddo who is easily distracted by the lights and buttons.


Here is a cover, It seems that it would be difficult to change levels on the gotalk when the lights are covered. I suppose a coding system could be used on the overlay to designate "how many presses to move from one level to the next.
Best of luck

Gotalkcoverv2.stl (1.09 MB)

Hi, Yes I was thinking the same thing about changing the levels. It will definitely be harder to tell. The messages will be different on every level so they just have to keep pressing until the message matches the overlay possibly or maybe they can Velcro it down so they can take it off when changing levels. This is lovely.
We will be printing both adaptions.
Thanks so much!

I will work on a solid design, it might be useful to have the holes exist but angled away from the user. I was thinking about angled towards the level changing holes.

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@jkauppil that would be nice do you find that an angled hole would better access the buttons? I have a question about another cover for the back record button. A therapist was asking about possibly covering that back button too. We could just use some tape but it might be nice to have a 3D printed option as well. Do you have some thoughts on this?