Gaming Compatible Head Mouse

There are at least several users that would benefit from a head controlled input device for gaming. There are a few options for head-controlled mice, but I’m not aware of anything that is setup to be used as a joystick and that would be compatible with the Xbox Adaptive Controller.

The Bluetooth Headmouse ( and the LipSync Gaming ( would likely be a good starting point, with a suitable enclosure and option to mount to a user’s head, hat etc. The goal would be to take data from an inertial measurement unit, process it appropriately, and translate it into Xbox Adaptive Controller compatible joystick commands.

Is there an existing project out there that would work?

If this is something you’d like to take on, reply here and I’ll connect you with the disability professionals looking for the solution.


Here is some info that might be useful for a project like this.

The PC game remapper, reWASD, now allows you to remap controllers that have gyroscopes in them, such as a Nintendo Switch Joycon. I had limited success remapping a Joycon’s gyro to my movement keys in a FPS game and strapping it to my head. With better settings and a more stable mounting option, it could probably be pretty effective.

reWASD also has a complicated feature that lets your PC spoof a virtual controller to a gaming console over bluetooth. I haven’t tried out this feature, but being able to use all of your pc inputs and remaps to play on console sounds great.

I hope this helps.

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Thanks for sharing that resource, @lavalantula.

That could be a pretty powerful way of providing some customizable functionality for someone who wants more control over a PC. Especially since you could use a custom joystick or switches with the XAC.