Flag Bracket for Scooter

Flag Bracket for Scooter

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This flag bracket enables a flag to be mounted to an adult scooter to increase visibility to pedestrians and cars.

The flag bracket was designed for a GoGo Pride Mobility Scooter, which has a 0.8 inch square tube. A pair of brackets are used to attach the flag. Each bracket is attached to the tube using two #10 screws and nuts.

The top bracket should be drilled to the shaft diameter of the flag to provide a loose fit. The bottom bracket should be drilled halfway through. The flag shaft is then inserted through the top bracket and rests inside the bottom bracket.

Bill of Materials

To assemble the mount with the switch, you will need: 2 - 3D Printed Flag Brackets (~7 g of filament, $0.70)

4 - #10 Hex nut, lock nut, or acorn nut ($0.80 - $2.00)

4 - #10 Machine screws or bolts, 1-3/8" or 1-1/2" length ($2.80)

1 - Flag attached to shaft


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