FAIO - Feather All-in-One Switch

Stage Prototype
Project Need Agility / Dexterity, Mobility
Created By Milad Ha
Capabilities Needed 3D Printing, Electronics, Soldering
Time to Complete 9.5 print hours + 1 to 2 assembly hours
Cost to Build $90CAD
Creative Commons License attribution-noncommercial-4-0-international

What if you could have a universal switch interface that could support different types of switches all in one device?

FAIO is an assistive technology device which developed to provide a modular solution for those with high level of physical disabilities to interact with touch screen devices and personal computers.

FAIO provides an affordable and open-source all-in-one switch interface that supports many different types of switches such as Sip-and-Puff, Adaptive Switches, Braille and offers an interface for developers to create their own modular input switches through the Grove system.