Dice Spinner 2.0 - Rumble Plate Design

I’ve been working on an updated design for the Dice Spinner project in the MMC Library. Instead of using a spinning plate, this design features a cam that bumps against a plate to tumble the dice. The updated housing also allows for more variety in cup size. The new design uses the exact same electronic components as the original, with one additional switch for use without an adaptive switch.

I’m looking for some people to test print the parts for fit, and possibly build a device if interested. The main piece needing test printed is just the twist lock lid that holds the cup down.

Twist Lock STLs only:

All STLs:

STL Print Settings:

  • Material: PLA
  • Layer Height: 0.3 mm
  • Infill: 20%
  • Orientation: Each STL is already oriented in the correct position for printing.

Assembly Instructions: Rumble_Plate_Assembly_Guide-compressed.pdf (411.5 KB)

Comments: The main purpose of this redesign was to improve the ease of sourcing cups, as well as more consistently roll the dice. This has been achieved, but just needs testing across varying printers to check tolerances before an official release. Any extra feedback on the design or functionality is more than welcome as well!


Hi Stephen, I can surely print this and check for fits and tolerances. Do I just print the two parts and report the results?

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Hi Garry, that’s great to hear, thank you! And yes, hoping to get a good idea of how well the twist lock components print across varying printers. The two parts there are the lid, and then the top bit of the base. If you could do that and report the results back here on the forum, that would be great! Thanks again!

Thanks; I’ll do this in the next couple days. Because I have a 0.4mm nozzle I want to print this at 0.2mm layer height to keep the extrusion cross section to a 1/2 height/width ratio. If this doesn’t work I’ll report.

Hi, the parts printed easily and I feel the mating fit is good. Nice work on this design.