Device to hold a book and turn pages with remote trigger or facial expression

Author: @stephanieso

Description of Idea:
I am a physiotherapist working with an incredible individual that has no voluntary control of his trunk or extremities and he loves reading. Currently he has a book holder but his caregivers have to turn the pages. I am wondering about the creation of a device that will hold a book AND turn the pages when triggered. This could be a remote bluetooth type trigger which caregivers can trigger from a distance, but ideally it would enable him to independently trigger it through something that reads facial expressions i.e. he can voluntarily stick out his tongue or shut his eyes.

MMC Entry I.D: 5564

The current book holder is able to hold a standard book(e.g. hardcover / paperback) but the pages need to be turned manually. This would likely involve at least two parts: a mechanism for holding and automatically turning the page, and a suitable switch / interface for capturing the intent.

May We Help developed a book holder with an electronic page turner. I don’t have a picture of the device but I have seen one in person. As @MMC_Jake indicated it would need to be paired with a suitable switch/interface.

Did this project find a solution? If not it could be matched with EMG switch

I’m curious about this project as well. Android recently release the ability to use face gestures as switch access.. I wonder if there is a way to connect an Android device to an MCU of some sort that has a servo to create the page-turning mechanism.

It may be that face gestures can be a solution, it may also be that the user would prefer another solution so it’s quite crucial that @stephanieso or someone else with a similar challenge participate early on here. Otherwise it ends up as an academical exercise, which may be interesting but not practical.