Designing for Customization

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I’ve long believed that the best designs are customizable but I’ve struggled to design-in accommodations for an unknown user’s 3D Printer and their filament choice. I’ve tried putting fudge factors (under user control) in my designs to accommodate under/over extrusion issues that I can’t predict. Then I came across this article:

Hackaday: Adding Crush Ribs To 3D Printed Parts For A Better Press Fit.

I’d like to see MMC add a section/topic to the forum where people can post clever solutions to 3D design problems that come from industry.

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That’s brilliant! Whenever I design something with mating parts, I generally end up reprinting just the joint over and over, tweaking it ‘til it’s right. The article describes how the original intent is to compensate for the cant required to get the part out of inject molds. In fact a similar thing happens in 3D printing, where layers close to the print bed tend to ooze together, while upper layers to not, leaving a conical hole. This technique will solve all that. Thanks for posting!