David(AT) Makey Makey Project Submission: Pronation/Supination

Below is David’s project submission for the Makey Makey Contest. This thread will be used to develop this project during the Makey Makey course Dec 3- Jan 26 2021.
Please feel free to reply to this thread to post progress, to ask questions, or to add input, ideas or suggestions!


Pronation/Supination an important skill. How does the copper tape in the cup touch or connect to the 7 inputs in the array?


Is that a peanut butter container? Love the use of found objects.

You may be able to find some inspiration from the design of the brushes on electric motors to connect to the inputs.

Another option, since it probably doesn’t need to rotate more than 360 degrees, would be to connect the ground to the outside of the container rather than the handle / user, and have one connection point that connects with the various inputs spaced around the rotation. (If you wanted to be able to detect when the user touches the handle, you could connect the handle to the ground and the user to a different input).


i hope to rig a spring system - looking for some flashlights to take apart for the spring clip

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This is such a great idea! I think you could extend the connection from the handle down to the bottom of the cup and have an EARTH connection that will touch each trigger.


Notes from Troubleshooting session:

Challenge: alternatives ways to close switch /Use for different motions/hand positions
Idea: Magnet to close switch? Stir pot to close switch?
All 5 fingers have to be pressed to conductive surface activate?(Program in scratch)

Challenge: using copper tape, over time, is wearing.
Idea: Try bare conductive paint
Printed Electronics Technology - Bare Conductive very sludgy
Hvac Tape?Conductive Fabric tape connected to metal pin