CRAWLING/CREEPING device FOR cerebral palsy 8 YO

history My child has cerebral palsy. She was born with a loss of oxygen to the brain. Because of this, she is limited highly to physical activity.
One specific issue is that with cerebral palsy, hip surgery is high. In order to avoid this, We have plenty of research information that the best exercise to the hip as well as the arms and head is creeping/crawling on the floor. since our child cannot do either of these, we have found an equipment that mimics this movement very closely.
Maker wanted/needs/solution
it is called the back2crawl. Although our daughter cannot crawl, she can creep on the floor with similar technology. we would need gliding panels where she can lay flat on her stomach. with possible movements for each of her arms, each of her legs and her head. This can only be accomplished with a back2crawl flat for creeping and not crawling.
the device that would be for special child’s needs would allow our daughter to exercise, develop neuromotor skills, communicate better, enhance learning, decrease seizures just to name a few.

thank you in advance for your initiatives…

I wonder if a version an automotive creeper ( would meet your need. No rails, but if you place it on a hard flat surface there would be very little resistance to movement.

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@KenHackbarth I was thinking the same thing.

@daviddiaz267 just wanted to check in to see how you’re making out with this request