Colorado Springs CO Chapter

We have a chapter starting in Colorado Springs!

Hello Chapter Leaders!
This is a place for Chapter Leaders to meet one another and discuss their goals, events, questions and learn from one another.

  1. Who are you ?
  2. What do you do, what are your passions and why did you decided to become an MMC Chapter Leader or member?
  3. What are you hoping to get out of the experience of being a Chapter Leader or member?
  4. What are you interested to know about other Chapter Leaders or members?

This area is used for users to find chapters in their local area and to start conversations on anything MMC related: gain support for organizing local events, support each other with local build requests and trouble shoot issues with projects.

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Hello from Colorado Springs!

We currently run a brand new non-profit ministry called Creation Station ( and our mission is to provide prosthetic hands, arms, and assistive living devices to people for free. We have been doing this since mid 2018 and we absolutely loving helping people those in need. Our current goal is to reach out in our local community and start a relationship with doctors and therapists who could use our help. Experience that we hope to get with MMC is device experience and hope to provide that to people who cannot afford assistive living devices. With experience, we also want to build a relationship within the MMC community to gain knowledge and all around support. We look forward to working with everyone here!!!