Closet Clothing Rack Lift

This idea came from a published author and user of MMC devices, Brenda. She has created a list of potential ideas for devices. This post describes one of the device ideas:

Project Idea:
The goal of this device is to allow for the lowering and retraction of a closet clothing rack so it is easier for those who are unable to reach or find it difficult to use the standard clothing rack height. The ease of retracting the modified clothing rack is an important feature of this device. There are a few commercial options available on the market but the price is a barrier for many trying to access devices like this. Some commercial options can be seen below:

  • Lee Valley - closet rod lift
  • Amazon - adjustable hanging rod This one is a great solution but by using the push-button telescoping idea it makes it difficult for one to retract and lower on demand.

Support needed:
We are looking for a designer/maker to develop this device. Brenda is open for contact for any feedback or details but currently is not on the forum, so feel free to reach out in the comments to be put in contact.

Figure 1: