Chapter Co-Leader or Partner Wanted in Colorado Springs

Hello-we have a potential chapter @creationstation3d wanting to start up in Colorado Springs, anyone know any disability professionals in that area?

@ZKv Unfortunately no :frowning:

Have you contacted Craig Hospital? I don’t have any personal contacts at Craig but one of our local AT clients was a patient at Craig. I know the team at Adaptive Adventures in Denver which mainly serves veterans.

Thanks, Brent - we have a registered user who is an Assistive Technology specialist at Craig. We’ll follow up!

thx for the suggestion @brentcourson and thx for the contact Stewart. This didn’t show up as a contact in my database search! I just wrote to them-let’s see what happens! You 2 rock!

Are there still a need for members/chapter leaders in CO springs? I have a good friend there involved in this sort of work already.


Yes! @creationstation3d is running his chapter with his wife Mandy and they could totally use help if you wanna direct your friend here:

Hello they can reach us at . Definitely could use the help.

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I will pass this information along to them. They are very excited!

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