Cane Cart Holder


Stage Prototype
Project Need Mobility, Vision
Created By Neal Mckenzie
Capabilities Needed 3D Printing
Time to Complete 30 min
Cost to Build $0.15
Creative Commons License attribution-4-0-international

Two simple holders remixed from muzz64 bird cage door hooks for holding a cane in place on a grocery cart for a cane used by blind and low vision persons. Small easy to fit in your pocket, back and front hooks. The back hook clips easily into place on most commonly used carts and is identified by 3 tactile domes. The handle of the cane can be slid into the opening on the back hook until snug. Then simply attach the front hook in the same manner towards the front of the cart as close to a linear manner to match with the back hook as possible. Then you can clip in the cane to the front hook and it will rest securely and out of your way while shopping you heart and money away.