Bluetooth wheelchair joystick to gamecontroller

Hi everybody,

New on the forum, I’m a french occupationnal therapist and maker at heart. I’m working for an healthcarehome and we have a makerspace integrated into our structure : Makergo

Involved in gaming accessibility, I’m looking to design a device that gives wheelchair users the ability to play video games directly with their wheelchair control joystick.

The device should be capable of recovering the bluetooth mouse signal from a power wheelchair controller and convert it into a signal that can be use by the adaptive xbox controller.

It could help many powerwheelchair user to play video games with more independance

Several cool Open devices exist, but they require the help of a third person to plug the wire.
The use of the bluetooth connexion could be a nice option

Some project may be a good brick to begin this work :
atmakers and usersFreedomwing , we have already assemblied one and it works well.
MMC virtual joystick, Lipsyncgaming
magic joystick from my human kit, work in progress.

I’ve told with Bill Binko from AT makers and users, according to him, using a Adafruit nrf52840 devices with circuit pyton could help.

I don’t have enough programming skills to do it, and I hope that some of you will want to help with this design.

For my part, I can 3d print, buy parts, make electronic assemblies in our makerspace and realize tests with users. We have several candidates here who are really interested to test it


Hi @julienoudin, That’s a great idea and I actually attempted that using different hardware ( arduino + USB Host module + Bluetooth Dongle ) and was able to connect a wireless mouse and wireless keyboard send data over to another device which can act as HID Joystick. Unfortunately , I don’t have access to a bluetooth mouse wheelchair module to test it out. I will need to modify the format depending on output of bluetooth mouse wheelchair module and adjust the range.

I tried Nordic nrf52840 and the issue is that there is no Bluetooth Host library for it that would work out of the box. So you need to write your own library at the moment or wait till someone creates it.

I did it using raspberry pi zero as well but Xbox Adaptive controller doesn’t accept composite HID profile for raspberry pi. It’s on hold right now until the XAC issue is resolved.

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Hi @MMC_Milad thanks for your answer ! Do you think theres’s a good library on this git :
I try the Magic joystick from my humankit, and I can connect a Rnet Bluetooth module.

You are on right track but there is even a better library that will do most of the work for you:

This does all the bluetooth handling for you and there’s even Mouse bluetooth example code.

I would also suggest you to use a teensy 3.6 which has a USB host in addition to main USB though jumper to USB adapter cable. You would need a CSR 4.0 bluetooth dongle for it as well. You won’t need additional board, USB board or raspberry pi.

I tried it with few bluetooth keyboards and bluetooth and it worked. I stopped there since I don’t have bluetooth wheelchair joystick to test it.

Give it a try with the example code and if it doesn’t work then I can go over the code with you to fix it. I would help you out with the project if it’s going to be open sourced.

Let me know and I can invite you to the github project I started on this to start calibration.

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Thank you @MMC_Milad Millad, I am of the opinion to make an open source design, so that it can benefit as many people as possible.
Several options are possible, but as I said in my previous post, I am not a programming expert. I will be delighted to be able to try your assembly. To perform tests. I have different wheelchair BT modules available (Rnet and Qlogic). What do you think ?


Hi Julien,

Let’s connect through the messaging system or through email to sort out the testing process.



Sounds like @MMC_Milad and @julienoudin are getting close to doing some testing. Looking forward to the results!

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Initial test was promising! Stay tuned for updates on this project :slight_smile:

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