Bellingham WA Chapter

Makers Making Change is starting chapters all over North America!

@Bham_makerspace is our Chapter Leader in Bellingham WA based out of the Bellingham Makerspace
Thought you’d like to introduce yourself and give a bit of background/context in case anyone from your area comes to the forum and is looking for a local connection!

If anyone in the NYC Chapter area wants to introduce themselves feel free to “reply to this thread” and say hi!

If you want to start your own thread that is relevant to the Bellingham/WA area, start a new thread by clicking on Purple square that says “US Chapters” and then click “New Topic” on the right hand side. Add Washington in the title and tags as well as some words that indicate the post topic.

If you want to talk about devices or other topics, they might fit better under an existing category in the forum so check out your options! We can help by stepping in to move threads is necessary.

Here is a video that can you you understand how to use the forum!
If you are reading this and you aren’t signed up for the forum/website yet, these videos will also be helpful to get you started!

Thought I would give MMC Bellingham a shout out; not only do they create AT for people with disabilities, they also create PPE for front line workers all over the US. The Bellingham Makerspace/Chapter has even created Tyvek Gown prototypes.
See their chapter highlight here:

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