Bay City MI Chapter

@Butzuk and @lyonsm are our Chapter Leader in Midland Michigan Bay Area ISD

Thought you’d like to introduce yourself and give a bit of background/context in case anyone from your area comes to the forum and is looking for a local connection!

If anyone in the Midland area wants to introduce themselves feel free to “reply to this thread” and say hi!

  • Who are you and where are you based out of?
  • What do you do, and what are your passions and areas of interest in assistive tech (and otherwise?)
  • What are you hoping to get out of the experience of being an MMC Leader or member?
  • What are you interested to know about other Chapter Leaders and members?

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Great job Kaite and Mark! Our team in Ann Arbor, MI is excited about collaborating with Makers Making Change and the Bay City chapter. We have been working with May We Help in Cincinnati, Ohio to build custom AT We have also supported Tinkered Toy Box,, which brings together Michigan Medicine and the Washtenaw Intermediate School District.

All of our volunteers have switched over to making PPE for now but we are looking forward to getting back to AT. We hope to recruit some of the hundreds of volunteers 3D printing face shields and other PPE to help print AT switches. One of the local PPE groups is currently setting up a print farm with 40 3D printers.

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Hello everyone,

I just wanted to introduce myself to everyone. I am proud to be representing Michigan and Makers Making Change as one of the Michigan Chapter Leaders. I am an Occupational Therapist here in Bay City, Michigan. I work full time for Bay Arenac ISD in which I service children in both center based and general education settings. I primarily work with students between ages 3-9 years old. I also work part time at Mary Free Bed at Covenant HealthCare in which I work as an Occupational Therapist in an outpatient neurological based clinic where I work with patients of all ages. I have been in the field of occupational therapy for 8 years now and have worked in multiple different settings including outpatient pediatrics, sensory based outpatient clinic, SNF, acute care, inpatient rehab and school based. I have spent most of my time post graduate school with focusing my continuing education in pediatric based interventions and assistive technology. I became more involved and was eager to learn more about AT over the last several years since working primarily in the school setting. Mark Lyons (@lyonsm), the other Michigan Chapter Leader mentioned and I have worked alongside of each other on our ISDs Assistive Technology committee. We have worked together to educate others on toy hacking, switch accessibility and how to integrate technology into therapy interventions. In the process of research we had stumbled across MMC and wanted to know everything about them. We were so excited when we were given the opportunity to learn more from Zee and were accepted to start our own chapter here in the US. I am so passionate about MMC because they truly provide access and allow for increased independence to ALL. The power that AT brings to individuals lives is incredible! We have hosted several switch builds throughout our state in which have had the opportunity to share how MMC works and how individuals can be involved. If I am not working with students, patients or presenting somewhere I am probably running. Outside of my life as an OT, I am an avid runner. I love racing and the running community. I also just love being outside, love to travel and love going and trying new restaurants. Please do not hesitate to reach out to myself or Mark. We would love to help you or connect you with someone who can.

-Katie Butzu, MSOT, OTRL
Occupational Therapist


“I am an instructor at Lawrence Tech in Southfield, MI. I co-teach an entrepreneurial engineering design studio. In the past, our students have worked with persons with disabilities at nonprofits or public schools and build a device to aid these individuals. We are looking to expand our reach and would like to know more about this organization and what it is like to be a local lead, such as yourself. Would you have some time to discuss these topics? Thank you.” Susan ie: @shenson

Hi Katie,

My name is Tracy Zhang from MSU St. Andrews campus in Midland, MI ( I would be interested in learning more about this program. Thanks.

Best regards,