Assistive Paint Tube Opener

I am a disabled watercolour painter. I often have to wait until someone is in my home to open paint tubes. This simple device looks like it would be a huge help with my grip for the tubes I can’t open myself.

User: @mahewitt
Please reply below if you can help 3D print this device!

Project files are here:

@mahewitt We’d love to help!

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Thank you! Let’s do it!

This is my first item through this group - how do I pay you for it all? And I see you’re going to make the dog feeder too! Thank you!

I saw your request via the Columbia Valley Makerspace facebook page. I have made/printed the paint tube cap opener. I tested it on one of my wife’s tubes of Acrylic paint, and it works reasonably well - but it works best with two hands. I can mail it to you, (no charge) if you can provide a mailing address. I’m not sure if this forum provides a mechanism to send a private message, but if so, use that rather than putting your address here publicly.

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Hi ! You’re right-it is best to message private info over DM
To DM eachother go to the top right where your profile icon is and click then a drop down will appear. Click the envelope icon twice then you’ll see a list of messages and on the left you’ll see a blue icon that says New message and you can tag the name of the user you want to message

@mahewitt just checking in-is this in progress?

Both items I requested are currently being mailed to me. Thank you so much!

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Thx to both of you for using the site~! @apriljunkbox
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Take care!

@mahewitt the Assistive Paint Tube Opener is a fairly new design - please let us know how well it works out for you and if there is any way you think it could be improved.

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Hi @mahewitt wondering if you received the paint tube openers yet? As Jake mentioned, we would love to hear what you think about them in order to leave a review click this link and click “review”

Not arrived yet but I will let you know as soon as it arrives and I try it out!

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Hi @mahewitt did this one arrive?
We’d love to hear you feedback in a review. Let me know and I will move this to archived if you’ve received it! Thanks!

Yes - I thought I had replied by doing a review of it?

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Sorry I mixed up the other device! Thx!