Assistive Lipstick Applicator

This idea came from a published author and user of MMC devices, Brenda. She has created a list of potential ideas for devices. This post describes one of the device ideas:

Project Idea:
The goal of this device is to aid the user in applying Lipstick. This device would be intended to be used by individuals who struggle with shakiness, limited hand mobility, limited pinch grip strength. Being able to take off the cap, apply the lipstick, and place the cap back on would be important features of the device. Aswell as being able to still see where the lipstick is going to apply it accurately.

Possibly a modified version of one of the devices like the palm pen holder from the low AT kit could be a solution.

Support needed:
We are looking for a designer/maker to develop this device. Brenda is open for contact for any feedback or details but currently is not on the forum, so feel free to reach out in the comments to be put in contact.

I am happy to help with the design of this! I am somewhat new to 3D print design, but I have used tinkercad and 123design to make or modify 3D prints for my personal accessibility.
If you could provide me with Brenda’s contact information such as email I could talk to her directly to help with the design process :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello! I am happy to help design an adaptive lipstick applicator. I have experience in Solidworks/Rhino3D as well as physical prototyping and 3D printing. Please let me know if Brenda is open for contact. Thank you.

Hi @jessnewhouse24 and @thepershinator!

Thanks so much for your responses! Brenda is currently not around at the moment but should be back at the end of the month. But we have a staff member @MMC_Stephen that is working on another makeup-oriented design from Brenda’s ideas, the nail polish applicator. I feel like there might be a possibility for collaboration on that prototype with one for other types of makeup as well such as lipstick, mascara, etc.

as for next steps, I will leave it to Stephen to reach out and give some more background as he sent his prototype to Brenda for some testing. Then you three may be able to collaborate based on this feedback to get a new design. If you want to take a crack at the design right away please feel free

Again, thank you for reaching out on this project!!

Hi @jessnewhouse24 and @thepershinator,

As Tyler said, I designed an assistive nail polish applicator for Brenda recently. I’m still just waiting on feedback, but this document explains what I have done so far. Assistive Nail Polish Applicator feedback form.pdf (602.4 KB)

If you’re both interested in collaborating on some further design/expansion to other makeup devices, I’m more than happy to chat. Alternatively, as Tyler said, feel free to have a go at it yourselves too if you’d rather.
You can reach me here on the forum, or at


I’m happy to lend a hand with design for expansion to other makeup devices if you need the help! Some additional information from Brenda would be helpful (ie: brands and/or dimensions of makeup products since there is a fair amount of variation in the size/shape)

We would love the help, thank you!

So just a little extra background, these were ideas Brenda sent to us for our website library, not something she has necessarily requested for herself. We sent her the earlier mentioned prototype to test, but are looking for these designs to be added to our website and hopefully be a bit more general overall to work with multiple brands/lid sizes or shapes. When I designed the nail polish one, I just took a look through my sister’s collection of nail polish bottles and found a bit of an average size range from them.

My suggestion would be to take a similar approach of looking at a few popular brands and comparing the lid sizes/shapes to come up with an initial design. Even designing it to a specific brand to test out the concept is a great start.

I hope this helps, but let me know if you have any other questions!

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That helps a lot, thank you! I’ll probably start by taking a look at some of the products that I own for initial design :grin:

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