Analog sticks for Xbox adaptive controller

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I basically need two, 8-way arcade sticks that plug into the USBs on the Xbox adaptive controller. I can use standard arcade sticks, I just don’t have the ability to program them to work with the Xbox adaptive controller. The standard joysticks that have a USB plug are too big for me to use, I would need a smaller housing for each stick. The sticks are fairly cheap on Amazon, but I would appreciate any help or advice.

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Hi there, can you list some of the games you would play?

They look the same but an 8 way stick and an analog stick are usually for different generations of gaming (ie. coin operated arcade vs. XBOX)

Ohhh most games play require both analog sticks

Glad we cleared that up! Can you explain which dimension the joystick housing size issue? The base of these joysticks mount underneath a tabletop. Would they work?

Two of the ultrastik joysticks installed.

I’m using this reddit post as a guide:

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yes that would work my tray that would hold something like that is 18.5inx13in here’s a picture of the tray!AjWGQoSXxfEpgYtca-2RyfYXCJnhbg

Do you just need 2 analog sticks to play successfully? Or are some additional buttons required too?

And if it’s not too invasive, what city do you live in?

i need the sticks and 5 more buttons I have the Logitech - G Adaptive Gaming Kit for Xbox Adaptive Controller
I live in Pfafftown

here another example

Sometimes accessibility device market drives me nuts. That product is a ~100% markup over the parts cost.

If you only need 5 buttons and the XAC has 19 inputs, I would plug the Logitech buttons you have directly into the XAC. There’s no need to buy the joysticks with additional ports. If the software from the ultrastik website does not intimidate you, it should be straight forward to connect 2 joysticks to the XAC.

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Thank you! this will work perfectly !!