Adjustable timer for device to be activated (switch-latch timer)

Author: @Zeek

Submitted by user @Teri
Description of Idea:
Can you someone please help make this?

MMC Entry I.D: 6318

@MMC_Jake MMC_Is there anything in the library similar to this?

Hello @MMC_Jake @MMC_Shanelle ,

Is this still in need ??
If yes, then i could make it and upload the design and circuit.

Hey @Gurbaksh_Singh - let me follow up with the original requestor as it doesn’t look like they are connected to the forum.

There is currently a project in the library that should satisfy this request: There may be an opportunity to improve that project.

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Thanks @MMC_Jake !!
Yes, i have a simpler and compact design for the same. Will be back soon…


Hi @MMC_Jake,

Below is my prototype for your reference, please have a look and let me know if you have any findings:

Prototype Video with 2-Way Inputs

Prototype Video for Delay Setting

Prototype GIF(try this if above videos load slowly)

This device can be made within $10-$20 with very little soldering work.

Here are few pics of the same for more details:

The relay i used for my prototype :

Here is the alternate link for the timer relay modules on:

Let me know if you feel this could be added to MMC’s Device Library, and then i could make a 3D Printable Enclosure and proper documentation for this device.


Gurbaksh Singh :blush:

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Hey @Gurbaksh_Singh - nice work.

This looks to me like it would be a good fit for the library. If you want to put together an enclosure and some documentation, we can add this to the library. It probably makes sense to add a second 3.5 mm jack as well for the output.

I assume a USB power pack would work as a portable power source as well?

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Thank you @MMC_Jake…!!

Yes, i will surely make an enclosure for the same and also, there will be a 3.5mm jack at the output to connect any AT device. Also, i will create the detailed documentation and show you.

This relay module can be powered up with any 5V micro USB power source like pc/ laptop/ power bank/ wall charger/ adapter etc.(it also supports 6V-30V DC power supply).

I will be back soon with an update.:blush: