Adaptive gaming for new gaming consoles

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Has there been any conversations on adaptive gaming for the new gaming consoles rolling our here in a few months? Playstation 5 and Xbox Series will be hot item this Christmas and would like to ensure that current adaptive controllers are compatible with the new consoles. I’m brand new to adaptive gaming but would really like to start helping in this area.

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Hello @creationstation3d, how did you get involved in adaptive gaming? I am not a gamer but recognize the benefits of adaptive gaming.

This article indicates that previous generation controllers will work with the the Xbox.

Hi @creationstation3d,

Not sure if this is helpful, but I recommend checking out the following. Obviously there are more options, but I’ve personally found these helpful.

GAMERS: Steve Saylor, RockyNoHands, and Ross Minor are all active gamers with disabilities.

CONSULTANTS: People like Cherry Rae Thompson, Craig Kaufman, Bryce Johnson, and James Berg are professionals in the realm of game accessibility.

MEDIA: Can I Play That? and Game Accessibility Nexus. Articles are often written by people with disabilities (either gamers or accessibility professionals)

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Actually I am brand new to it but I love to game. Figured I would help in that area since I’m there a lot. Thanks for the article!

This is huge help thank you! I knew that Xbox Series X was going to be backwards compatible. Since I plan on getting this console I wanted to start the network process now to get involved. I’m curious if Playstation has any adaptive controllers. I will get with that group that you posted.


Awesome! This is a subject of discussion. I know that Can I Play That? did an article expressing these concerns.

If you prefer to watch/listen to reviews, IllegallySighted has a great video on the recent acquisition of Bethesda studios, the new XBox and more. In general, he’s got a great grasp on the experience of being a gamer with disabilities and does hardware and accessibility reviews.

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There are no ‘official’ adapted Playstation controllers that I am aware of, but there are a few companies and individual that that will do modifications/hacks:


Another option is to use a 3rd party converter so you can use a different controller with a Playstation:
I suspect it may take a little time for a comparable 3rd party converter to be available for the new console.

( is a great resource from SpecialEffect, a UK-based Adapted Gaming charity)


That’s really good info to have, thanks! Wow those controllers are very expensive. Xbox did really well creating there platform at that price. Right now I’m in the research and building phase for my chapter.

@creationstation3d Yes, these commercial options are quite expensive. Moreover, even with the Xbox adaptive controller, users may be looking at additional gear for their set-up (joysticks, switches, etc.) We are working toward reducing these costs.

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