Adaptive Gaming and MMC

Calling all Gamers!

Makers Making Change is proud to announce that we have launched a new initiative to make low-cost adaptive gaming devices for our fellow video game enthusiasts! We are currently testing a bunch of new devices and are looking for feedback from the community.

Do you know any gamers with disabilities who would just love to receive a FREE sample of new switches, joysticks, and mounting?

Are you a gamer in need of adaptive equipment to help you better enjoy your favorite game?

Do you have a favorite game that has accessibility settings that make it easy for you to play?

COMMENT BELOW and tell us about your needs!!! :video_game: :space_invader:

How is the gaming equipment testing going? Staff at the University of Michigan hospital have talked to us about helping to start an adaptive gaming program. This is something that I would like to help launch this year.

Sorry I must’ve missed this Brent
Let me know if you wanna set up a meeting about this if you have any contacts at the university you wanna invite! I am sure @Butzuk and @lyonsm would be into it! Maybe even @shenson too?

No problem Zee. I will talk to see people and see who else locally is interested in gaming.

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