Adapted Head Pointer


Stage Prototype
Project Need Agility / Dexterity
Created By Christopher Marotta
Capabilities Needed 3D Printing, Computer Aided Design
Time to Complete
Cost to Build
Creative Commons License attribution-sharealike-4-0-international


This head pointer clip allows for a person who uses a head pointer already, or maybe would benefit from a head pointer, the ability to paint, write and possibly use a computer.


A writing instrument, paint brush or dowel is secured directly to the clip using two screws. The clip can then be slid onto the brim of a baseball cap or visor.

Alternatively, to provide for a better viewing angle, the writing instrument, paint brush, or dowel can be inserted into the offset holder, and then the offset holder can be secured to the clip.

The adapter will also work with an Apple Pen when using an iPad or iPhone, because it is Bluetooth. It will not work with a regular stylus.