Acrylic case for use with iPad Air2 with or without Proloquo2Go

Stage Prototype
Project Need Other
Created By Alice Shriver
Capabilities Needed Laser Cutting
Time to Complete
Cost to Build
Creative Commons License attribution-4-0-international

Proloquo2Go is a communication aid made for the iPad for users who are unable to speak. It uses expressive icons to help its user create messages which are converted into audio messages through a voice synthesizer. Proloquo2Go displays these icons in a matrix form in the middle of the screen with navigation tools along the bottom of the screen. The user builds or creates a message by specifying a sequence of icons which is then read by a voice synthesizer.

The iPad uses a capacitive-touch screen for input. In using Proloquo2Go, the user needs to tap a sequence of icons to build the message. However, for users with limited hand control, it may be difficult to lift the hand/finger after the intended icon is tapped/touched (without sliding onto the adjacent icon). The cut-outs on the top layer of the case exposes only areas in the middle of (the matrix of) icons. The edges of the cut-outs lifts the user’s finger allowing for the icon to be recognized by the software.