Accessible Periodic Table Display

Here is some info on a very cool project that will soon be making its way into the library:

Last year, to celebrate the International Year of the Periodic Table, @zhangcu2 led a project to create an accessible periodic table display. Over 30 students learned and utilized TinkerCAD to create 3D-printable tiles that displayed the Braille and sign language for each element. Each tile is 127x127 mm (5 in x 5 in), creating an impressive 4 ft x 8 ft display!

Thanks @MMC_Jake for the post. It was a good project with over 30 students involved in this creation process. I will load all the models (118 tiles of chemical elements) in the MMC library soon.

FYI. All 3D models are listed in the library: Let me know If you have any questions. @MMC_Jake, thanks for your help with the listing.

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@mcantino, Hi Michael, Thanks for your question: ”zhangcu2 That’s such a cool project! It looks like the panels turned out very nicely. How did you create your braille labels?"
I used spheres in Tinkercad to create all braille, standard and scale-up ones. Here is the screenshot from Tinkcercad.image