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In addition to console/PC gaming, we are curious to know if there are any gamers out there looking to improve their Dnd/LARPing/live action RP gaming! Here is a great find from @MMC_Jake that looks at a new option for DnD fans — the combat wheelchair!

Is anyone a fan of RPing games and looking for affordable, open-source AT to support them? Please comment below if you’d be interested in a customized solution! Or comment below if you know of any great resources that we can look into regarding live-action roleplaying games!

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An automated / switch adapted dice roller could be useful, like the Dice Spinner in the MMC library. I’ve also read about others gamers that use dice trays with higher sides to make it less likely for dice to fall on the floor.

One other resource I am aware of is the charity DOTS RPG Project, which started out with the goal to make tabletop role playing games more accessible for someone with a visual impairment. They created a set of 3D printable Braille dice, and have since broadened their scope to include gamers with all types of disabilities.

A friend sent an update for this: Some sculptors worked with the author of the combat wheelchair rules to create miniatures. The digital files for 3D printing and printed models area available here for a small price, a portion of which is donated to

EVERYONE CAN BE A HERO! @ThomasLishman & I are proud to have worked with @strataminis & @mustangsart to support her #CombatWheelchair rules & chosen charity 25% of every sale donated!
Minis at #ttrpg #dnd5e #inclusion

— Russ Charles (@russ_charles) August 15, 2020

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