Accessible Makerspace

Are you planning to start an accessible makerspace? Here is a place to discuss!

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The one I used to work out of - ProtoLab in Toronto’s east end - was accessible, but they had to close that building. Most of the other spaces in town have stairs, but SteamLabs/Tool Library on Spadina has a chair lift.

I’m actively looking, as enough people have expressed interest.


We are still in the planning stages for our maker space here in Virginia (USA). Any advice or links to resources we should be considering as we move forward? We want to be as inclusive as possible!

The DO-IT initiative out of the University of Washington made a bunch of changes to their makerspace to improve accessibility, and published the following whitepaper:

The Innovation Zone at Lethbridge University Alberta I believe is accessible
Tetra in Vancouver/Surrey BC has an accessible woodworking shop

Some resources:

@MMC_Stewart Whats the name of the new group working on the accessible makerspace in Toronto? I think there was a new group since you posted this, isn’t there?

Yes, it’s part of KMDI and Semaphore Lab at University of Toronto. It’s in the same building as the Robarts Library. Obviously their opening is curtailed right now, but there are events planned for later in the year.

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