About the Requests category

When a user requests a build on our website, their request ends up in this category so that makers can find it and connect with them. We welcome all makers to participate in the act of fulfilling a device request, however we want to encourage local makers to reply when a request exists in their area to avoid high shipping costs. Collaboration is a great way for non-local makers to engage with users!

What topics are posted here?

Each topic is a copy of a request submitted by a user on the Makers Making Change website. These topics provide the requestor’s username, location, and a description of their requested device.

How do I submit a request?

First, create a profile on the MMC Website. Make sure you are logged in, then locate the desired project and click the ‘Request’ button to submit a request. You’ll be prompted to add any notes. Request submissions will automatically create posts in this category.

How do I respond to these requests?

Makers can respond to topics by leaving comments expressing their interest and by tagging the requester. To tag a user, type the @ symbol followed by the first three letters of their username.

How will I know if the requestor has responded?

Requestors are responsible for replying to interested makers’ comments and then continuing any discussion of a build with that maker through private messaging on this forum. When a maker and the user have agreed to partner, they must send an email to info@makersmakingchange.com to inform them of their partnership.

How are these topics updated?

If a maker begins to work on a topic in the Maker Wanted category, the Admin will move that topic to the Request in Progress category and will tag that topic with “In Progress.” This means that the project is being worked on. If more than one maker is interested in the same project, they may decide to team up; if this happens, the makers are responsible for emailing the Admin through this forum to update them.