About the Devices category

This section of our forum has comments and feedback of all the designs published on the Makers Making Change website. All of the Assistive Technology devices are published under an open licence, and are usually more affordable and customizable than some other commercial assistive technologies.

This crowd-sourced library of devices have been shared by both talented makers and our own staff team. If you are looking for a device, be sure to check out our website’s filter guide to find the device that suits you best. Note that devices on this forum will vary in readiness, so if you are a fan of designing over building, be sure to check out our Design Challenges category for ideas you can assist in developing as well.

How do I build one of these projects?

The necessary design files for building a project are available on the corresponding project page on the website, which is linked in the original post.

Can someone help me build a project?

You can submit a request for a volunteer maker to build one of these projects. First, sign-up on the MMC Website. Make sure you are logged in, then locate the desired project and click the ‘Request’ button to submit a request. You’ll be prompted to add any notes. Request submissions will create a post in the Requests category.

How can I submit ideas for other projects?

Can’t find what you are looking for? If you have an accessibility challenge or an awesome project idea that could help yourself or someone else, you can submit your idea to the Design Challenges category category or through the Submit an Idea form via your profile page on the MMC website.

How do I submit a project to the library?

If you have developed, or find an open source accessible technology project and would like to share it with others through the MMC library, you can submit it through the MMC website. Sign-up, log-in, and use the Create a Project form through your profile page. We’ll review your project and add it to the library if it’s a good fit.