About the Design Challenges category

This category is for makers who want to be more involved in the design process for a new Assistive Technology, or Device. Whenever we receive a request from a user for a device that we currently don’t have in our library, we open the floor to our talented makers to submit ideas, prototypes, and ultimately the first working process for satisfying that need.

If you are up for the challenge, we encourage you to try your hand at taking on one of these requests.

Posts in this category range from preliminary ideas, to designs in the early stages of development including: research, ideation, conceptual design, prototyping, and user feedback.

Do you have an accessibility challenge or an awesome project idea that could help yourself or someone else? Submit your idea to this category or through your profile page on makersmakingchange.com. Idea submission should include the following:

  • Idea in a sentence

  • Who is it designed to help?

  • What does it need to do?

  • What constraints should be considered?

  • Are there commercial options? What are the problems with them that limit them from working?

  • Do you have design skills you’d like to put to good use?