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How to use this Forum

This is where you can find helpful tips on how to use the Makers Making Change forum. If you are new, we recommend starting with our Code of Conduct and Getting Started guides.


When a user requests a build on our website, their request ends up in this category so that makers can find it and connect with them. We welcome all makers to participate in the act of fulfilling a device request, however we want to encourage local makers to reply when a request exists in their area to avoid high shipping costs. Collaboration is a great way for non-local makers to engage with users!

Design Challenges

This category is for makers who want to be more involved in the design process for a new Assistive Technology, or Device. Whenever we receive a request from a user for a device that we currently don’t have in our library, we open the floor to our talented makers to submit ideas, prototypes, and ultimately the first working process for satisfying that need.


This section of our forum has comments and feedback of all the designs published on the Makers Making Change website. All of the Assistive Technology devices are published under an open licence, and are usually more affordable and customizable than some other commercial assistive technologies.


Have you thought about bringing Makers Making Change to your area so that the local community can benefit from volunteering and open source AT? You should consider starting a chapter!


Welcome to our Makers Making Change community category! This is a place where you can see and reply to volunteer postings beyond fabricating solutions, discuss interesting topics related to open source and assistive tech, and stay updated on the latest news from MMC.

COVID Resources

This section of our Forum is for any topics related to the Covid-19 Pandemic and response from our Makers, AT Users or anyone else who’s interested in these discussions. Please contribute and engage with the conversation. We have also provided a summary or our guidance here:


This category is for useful information that relates to the design and use of Assistive Technology, but isn’t related to a particular device or project.